Monday, May 10, 2010

378 - AIIMS May 2010 Mcqs with answers part 7

31q: A 35 yr old lady comes with primary infertility. There is a mass palpable and her CA-125 levels ar 90(units). What's most probable diagnosis?
a. Ca Ovary
b. borderline ca Ovary
c. tuberculosis
d. endometrioma

32q: Best prognostic indicator for head injured patients?
a. GCS
b. CT findings
c. Age of the pt
d. ?????

33q: All of the following r true bout sickle cell anemia except
a. single nucleotide change leads to a change from glutamate to valine
b. a single base pair change leads to RFLP ,.. aisa kuch tha??
c. deoxygenated Hb leads to the exposure of sticky end.. due to replacement of non polar residue by polar residue
d. offers protection to malaria in heterozygotes

34q: Two siblings with osteogenesis imperfecta.. but their parents are normal.. cause/mechanism of inheritance
a. Anticipation
b. Genomic imprinting
c. Germ cell line mosaicism
d. ... ??

35q: Most important form of substance abuse in india
a. tobacco
b. alcohol
c. cannabis
d. opioids


koushiktripathy said...

32q gcs

33q c

35q cannabis

molak fortynine said...

according to novak’s gynecology 13th ed

The level of CA125, a surface glycoprotein associated with müllerian epithelial tissues, is elevated in about 80% of patients with epithelial ovarian cancers, particularly those with nonmucinous tumors.
In a prospective study (197), the predictive value of a positive test was shown to be 100%; if the level of CA125 was positive (>35 U/ml), disease was always detectable in patients

so answer in 31q is ca ovarycult

Madhur Shah said...

35q tobacco.

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