Friday, May 21, 2010

387 - AIIMS May 2010 SPM Mcqs

39. Global warming true is
a) CO2 is the major greenhouse gas
b) Stratosphere ozone layer is harmful
c) CFC increases stratosphere ozone layer
d) Kyoto protocol called for 20%reduction in greenhouse effect

40. Vaccine with maximum efficacy
a) OPV
b) Measles
c) BCG
d) TT

41. NOT seen in fecal pollution
a) Staph
b) Strepto
c) E.coli
d) Clostridium perfringens

42. True about cow's milk are all except
a) Cow's milk contains 80% whey protein and not casein
b) Has more protein than breast milk
c) Has more K+ and Na+ than infant
d) Has less carbohydrates than mothers milk

43. Which of the following about lepromin test is not true?
a) It is negative in most children in first six months
b) It is a diagnostic test
c) It is an important aid to classify type of leprosy disease
d) BCG vaccination may convert lepra reaction from negative to positive

44. Not spread by louse
a) Epidemic typhus
b) Q fever
c) Relapsing fever
d) Trench fever

45. Which of the following diseases is not included in “Vision 2020 - Right to Sight” immediate goals?
a) Cataract
b) Epidemic conjunctivitis
c) Onchocerciasis
d) Trachoma

46. Direct standardisation is used to compare the mortality rates between two countries.this is done because of differences in
a) Causes of death
b) Numerators
c) Age distribution
d) Denominators

47. A test has high false positive rate in a community. True is
a) High prevalence
b) Low prevalence
c) High sensitivity
d) High specificity

48. Weight of Indian reference man
a) 60
b) 55
c) 50
d) 45

49. Aedes-True are A/E
a) Recurrent biters
b) Eggs can’t survive more than 1 wk in water
c) Transmits Dengue
d) It takes 7-8 days to develop the parasite & transmit the disease

50. Chlorine demand estimated by
a) Horrock’s apparatus
b) Berkefield filter
c) Chlorometer
d) Double pot method

51. STEPS done for
a) Surveillance of risk factors of non-communicable disease
b) Surveillance of incidence of non-communicable disease
c) Surveillance of evaluation of treatment of noncommunicable disease
d) Surveillance of mortality from non-communicable disease

52. Vitamin A prophylaxis to a child is
a) Health promotion
b) Specific protection
c) Primordial prevention
d) Secondary prevention

53. Incidence can be calculated in
a) Case-control study
b) Prospective study
c) Retrospective study
d) Cross-sectional study

54. A doctor order 6 tests for SLE . Which of the following is needed for inference?
a) Prior probability of SLE, sensitivity and specificity of test
b) Incidence of SLE and predictivity of each test
c) Incidence and prevalence of SLE
d) Relative risk of SLE in the patient

55. Mercury is disposed by
a) Controlled combustion
b) Deep burial
c) Safely collect & re-use
d) Chemical treatment

56. Which of the following is used to denote a continuous variable?
a) Simple bar
b) Histogram
c) Line diagram
d) Multiple bar

57. Crude birth rate – NOT true is
a) It is a measure of fertility
b) It is actually a ratio not a rate
c) it is independent of age of population
d) Numerator does not include still births

58. Savlon contains
a) Cetrimide + chlorhexidine
b) Cetrimide + chlorhexidine + butyl alcohol
c) Cetrimide + butyl alcohol
d) Cetrimide + Cetavlon

59. All of the following statements about purification of water are true except
a) Presence of Clostridial spores indicates recent contamination of water
b) Coliforms must not be detectable in any 100 ml sample of drinking water
c) Sodium thiosulphate is used to neutralize certain contaminants
d) Coliforms may be detected by multiple tube method & indole production

60. Leprosy involves A/E
a) Uterus
b) Ovary
c) Nerve
d) Eye

61. A pregnant female in first trimester came with sputum positive TB. Treatment of choice
a) Start Cat I treatment immediately
b) Start Cat II treatment immediately
c) Start Cat III treatment immediately
d) Delay treatment till 2nd trimester

62. In a study following interpretation are obtained: Satisfied,Very satisfied,Dissatisfied. Which type of scale is this?
a) Nominal
b) Ordinal
c) Interval
d) Ratio

63. Chikungunya is transmitted by
a) Aedes
b) Culex
c) Mansonoides
d) Anopheles

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