Wednesday, May 26, 2010

403 - PGI Chandigarh May 2010 Mcqs - part 2

6q: CO2 retention seen in?
a)lung failure
b)respiratory failure
c)high altitude
d)ventilator failure
e)pulmonary edema

7q: True about vaccum extraction of fetus?
a)can be used in non dilated cervix
b)can be used in dilated cervix
c)face presentation
d) applied 3cm post. To Ant fontanel
e) applied 3cm ant. To post fontanel

8q: true abour radial nerve??
a)branch of posr cord
b)nerve of extensor compartment
c) c7 t1
d) ant interosi.. nerve is branch of it

9q: anterior triangle consist of?
a)submental trngle
b)carotid triangle
c)supraclavicular triangle

10q: seen in common peronel nerve injury?
a)inversion anability
b)loss of srnsation of sole
c)foot drop
d)loss of extension of great toe

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