Monday, May 10, 2010

380 - AIIMS May 2010 Mcqs with answers part 9

41q: Pain insensitive structure in brain is
a. Falx cerebri
b. Dural venous sinuses
c. Choroid plexus
d. Middle meningeal a.

42q: Carcinogenesis in colon implicates all of the following genes except
a. APC
b. k-ras
c. beta-catenin
d. mismatch repair genes

43q: Infant wid congestive cardiac failure.. bulging fontanelle with a bruit which can be auscultated.. CT shows midline lesion with dilated lateral ventricles.. diagnosis is..??
a. vein of galen malformation ANS
b. arachnoid cyst
c. teratoma
d. ... ???

44q: 48 yr old woman comes wid b/l progressive weakness of both lower limbs, spasticity present
on MRI mass enhancing dorsal intradural lesion present .. (rest of da description dont remember..) .. diagnosis
a. Intradural lipoma
b. Meningioma
c. Neuroenteric cyst
d. ...

45q: Savlon contains:-
a. Cetrimide + chlorhexidine
b. Cetrimide + chlorhexidine + butyl alcohol
c. Cetrimide + butyl alcohol
d. Cetrimide + Cetavlon

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Madhur Shah said...

41q - choroid plexus

45q: Savlon contains:-

d. Cetrimide + Cetavlon

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