Wednesday, May 26, 2010

404 - PGI Chandigarh May 2010 Mcqs - part 3

11q) Which substance not deposited in liver
a) lipofuschin
b) pseudomelanin
c) bile pigment
d) iron

12) Rotator cuf formd by a/e
a) Supraspinats
b) Infraspinatus
c) t.minor
d) t.major
e) subscapularis.

13) regarding H1N1 in pregnancy
1)oseltamavir is used
2)H1N1 more dangerous in pregnancy
3)should start t/t only aftr confirmation

14) about gliobastoma tre are??
a) 3rd decade
b) 4th decade
c) 5th decade
d) tumor of post fossa
e) supratentorial

15) A person driving a vehicle met with an accident he was on certain medications which of the following might be the drugs he might be taking
1) fluoxetine
2) fexofenadine
3) tramadol
4) buspirone

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