Friday, May 21, 2010

393 - AIIMS May 2010 Surgery Mcqs

134. Most sensitive screening procedure for CA Prostate
a) DRE
b) PSA
c) DRE + PSA
d) Endorectal coil MRI with T1W & T2W images

135. Orchiopexy for undescended testes is done ideally at what age?
a) Neonate
b) 1-2 yrs
c) 5 yrs
d) Puberty

136. Polyp not associated with risk of malignancy
a) Juvenile polyp
b) FAP
c) Peutz Jeghers syndrome
d) Juvenile polyposis syndrome

137. Peutz Jeghers polyps present in
a) Rectum
b) Colon
c) Esophagus
d) Jejunum

138. Renal calculi associated with Proteus infection
a) Uric acid
b) Triple phosphate
c) Calcium oxalate
d) Xanthine

139. Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis associated with
a) Hypokalemic acidosis
b) Hypokalemic alkalosis
c) Hyperkalemic acidosis
d) Hyperkalemic alkalosis

140. A man with blunt abdominal trauma with h/o pelvic fracture has presented to ER. He has passed only few drops of blood per meatus and no urine in the past 8 hrs. His bladder is palpable per abdomen. Which of the following is correct?
a) Anuria due to hemorrhagic shock
b) Urethral injury
c) Ureteral rupture leading to extravasation of urine in retroperitoneum
d) Bladder rupture

141. Sister Mary Joseph nodule associated with
a) Pancreatic ca
b) Gastric ca
c) Colonic ca
d) Ovarian ca

142. In order to expose the celiac axis, left renal artery, superior mesenteric artery & abdominal aorta in a case of trauma, which of the following is required?
a) Left medial visceral rotation
b) Right medial visceral rotation
c) Cranial visceral rotation
d) Caudal visceral rotation

143. Best prognostic factor for head injury
a) Age
b) Mode of injury
c) Glasgow coma scale
d) CT finding

144. Most immediate complication of ileostomy in the post-operative period
a) Obstruction
b) Necrosis
c) Diarrhea
d) Prolapse

145. Follicular carcinoma differs from follicular adenoma by
a) Vascular invasion
b) Increased mitotic figures
c) Hurthle cell change
d) Lining of columnar & cuboidal cells

146. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – True are A/E
a) Follicular destruction
b) Increase in lymphocytes
c) Oncocytic metaplasia
d) Orphan Annie eye nuclei

147. Most reliable investigation for Amyloidosis
a) Rectal biopsy
b) Sigmoidoscopy
c) Colonoscopy
d) Gingival biopsy

148. A 60 yr old chronic smoker presents with painless gross hematuria of 1 day duration. Investigation of choice to know the cause of hematuria
a) USG
b) X-ray KUB
c) Urine routine microscopy
d) Urine cytology for malignant cells

149. In blunt trauma abdomen what should be the approach for doing laparotomy?
a) Depends on organ injured
b) Always midline
c) Always transverse
d) Depends upon type of injury

150. Which of the following is true about branchial anomalies?
a) Mostly arises from 2nd branchial arch
b) All patients present with stridor at birth
c) Branchial cyst is more common than sinus
d) All branchial sinuses need to be excised

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