Sunday, May 9, 2010

373 - AIIMS May 2010 Mcqs with answers part 2

6q: Which of the following is not used in a 26 year old patient with Sickle cell anemia?
a. IV regional anaesthesia
b. Brachial plexus supraclavicular application block
c. Brachial plexus axillary approach block
d. ??????

7q: Post glenohumeral instability is tested by which of the following
a. Crank test
b. Fulcrum test
c. Jerk test
d. Sulcus test

8q: A 20 year old has a swollen right ankle involvement with nodular painful swelling. He has associated fever and malaise. What is the probable diagnosis
a. Hansen disease
b. Weber christian disease
c. Erythema nodosum

9q: A 35 year old lady with parity = 3, presents with CIN III. What is the treatment of choice?
a. Cryotherapy
c. Conisation
d. Hysterectomy

10q: Faecal contamination of water is indicated by all except
a. Streptococcus
b. Staph.aureus
c. E.coli
d. Clostridium perfringens


koushiktripathy said...

9q leep

10q staph

molak fortynine said...

found on

for regional anesthesia-

The technique should not be employed if a tourniquet cannot safely be used, for example, in patients with severe Reynaud's or homozygous sickle cell disease.

so the answer should be

a. iv regional anesthesia

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