Thursday, June 19, 2008

30 - DNB june 2008 pediatrics mcqs

1)Nada's criteria for – heart disease
2)TOF radiological features A/E - ??Rt sided arch of Aorta
3)Single Umbilical artery is asso with cong anomalies – 10-20%
4)The organ in Child with same size as adult – Pituitary/Eye/Adrenal/thymus
5)Brown fat is present in A/E – Cheek
6)Fore milk contain A/E – Fat
7)MC valve asso with Rheumatic affection – Mitral
8)Ratio of chest compression to breath – 3:1
9)Thallasemia faces not present – Anti mongoloid slant
10)1 yr baby with diarrhoea flushing , bone pain, fullness in flanks- neuroblastoma
11)Fetal hemoglobin – α2/γ2
12)Brain to liver ratio in malnourished – 1:2/3:1/2:1/5:1
13)Hypsrrythmia seen in – West syndrome{infantile spasm}

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