Thursday, June 19, 2008

22 - DNB JUNE 2008 forensic medicine mcqs

1)Acrodynia – Hg
2)Drug and Cosmetic Act-import,manufacture,distibution,[no ads please] of all drugs.. controls quality,purity
& strength.
3)Contributory negligence- ??avoidable circumstance rule
4)Boiled lobster appearance seen in- boric acid/oxalic acid/??
5)Common toxin through vegetables –???oxalic/carbolic/etc
6)Juvenile court -1st class magistate (must be) Female
7)Instead of penicillamine can be used in cu poisionong – Edta
8)Some law related with cadaveric spasm
9)Chilotic line – seen on hip bone for sex determination
10)Test with inverted fer tree appearance – ?sperm in vagina
11)Cholenesterae seen in – elapide mainly i. e. cobra crates , viperade crotalide some amount

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