Thursday, June 19, 2008

16 - DNB june 2008 anatomy mcqs

1)Deltoid ligament doesn't join med cuneiform.
2)Scalenus anterior -wrong statement-subclavian art.lies anteriorly
3)Pain along medial aspect of arm through in Ca Breast-intercostobrachial nerve
4)Laminae in substantia gelatinosa- 2+3
5)Muscle in deep perinial pouch-sphincter urethrae
6)Persistent primitive streak-Sacrococcygeal teratoma
7)Carpal tunnel syn- median nerve
8)Pudendal nerve- S2-4
9)Pelvic diaphragm consist of – levator ani
10)Lateral displacement of knee prevented by-
11)Abduction of toes is by - Dorsal interossi
12)Base of 5th metatarsal fracture pull of – Peronius brevius
13)Ext rotation in semi flexed knee all except - Fibular Collateral Ligament
14)Does not pass under extensor retinalculum - Ant interoseus artery
15)Section of fibular nerve - Foot drop
16)Not a part of epithalamus is - (parts are 1.pineal, 2.habencular nuclei,trigone &commissure 3.stria medullaris)
17)Striae of Gennari seen in - also called the "band" or "line" of Gennari is a band of myelinated axons projecting into layer 4C of the primary visual cortex from the lateral geniculate nucleus
18)Porto systemic shunt is present at A/E – Lower anal canal 19)Structure not passing through inf cerebellar peduncle – Pontocerebellar 20)Ophthalmic artery is Branch of – Intra cranial Int.carotid
21)Nucleus ambigus true is - 9th and 10th nerve arise from it.
22)Not a part of Internal Capsule – Optic radiation
23)Endinger Westphal nucleus – General visceral efferent
24)Uterine epithelium develops from - Fusion of paramesonephric ducts
25)Boundries of pudendal canal – Between obturator membrane and Facia lunata

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