Thursday, June 19, 2008

27 - DNB june 2008 surgery mcqs

1)Hydatid cyst scolicidal agent not used – Povidone
2)Barret's Osophagus is – Metaplasia
3)Not used Breast Ca – Bleomycin
4)RCC not true is – Common in women/ Radiosensitive
5)Acute papillary tip necrosis – Diabetes Mellitus
6)Risk of thromoembolism is highest with – Femoral vein thrombus
7)Hyoid bone is related to – Thyroglossal cyst
8)Young woman who received mantle radiation in childhood is likely to develop – Ca thyroid/ Ca Breast
9)FNAC in testies is indicated in – Azoospermia to identify cause/Necrospermia/Differentiate between torsion and inflammation/ all of above--????
10)Vaginal hydrocele is open upto – Upper pole of testies
11)Excessive catabolism seen in – Severe sepsis/Pancreatitis/??/All
12)Mesothelioma- Decreasing incidence reflects ban on use asbestos
13)Clot of size of fist accounts for blood loss of – 500ml
14)Family history is not asso with – Lung cancer
15)Renal Imaging in pt with allergy – USG
16)MC site of Actinomycetes – jaw
17)Watermelon Stomach- systemic sclerosis -
18)BRCA gene positive Breast Ca – Good prognosis to radiotherapy/bad prognosis to radiotherapy/bad prognosis to chemotherapy
19)In a child with gastric outlet obstruction fluid used – Normal saline/Ringer lactate/dextrose
20)Narrowest part of male urethra – Meatus Ext.
21)Middle aged man with renal failure with B/L abdominal mass – ADPKD
22)Lung injury with good prognosis – Open pneumothorax
23)All causes of painless haematuria except – Acute Cystitis
24)Spindle cell tumour is – Retroperitoneal fibrosis in infants/??
25)What is true abt prostate Ca – 30% of all malignancies in male/10% incidence in general population/??
26)True abt PSA – Lipoprotein/Measured by immunoassay/Sensitive and specific to differentiate between Ca & BPH
27)Curling ulcer is asso with – Burns
28)Hashimoto's thyroiditis – Auto Ig present / Always presents with hyperthyroidism/??
29)Raynaud's phenomenon sequence – Pallor , Cyanosis , Rubor
30)Ca not spreading by lymphatics – Basal Cell Carcinoma
31)Increase in risk of colorectal cancer – Low fiber diet
32)Most radio sensitive – Bone marrow
33)Breast cancer related with – Early menarche
34)Not used for hemostasis in surgery – gel foam/micronised cellulose/micronised collagen/
35)highest prognostic value in breast cancer – H/O ca in contralateral breast.
36)Complication of epidural anaesthesia A/E– spinal cord compression/low volume headache/backache/meningitis
37)Total spinal anaesthesia seen A/E – hypotension/tachycardia/respiratory depression/unconsciousness

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