Thursday, June 19, 2008

29 - DNB june 2008 medicine mcqs

1)Displacement of Apex to Lt. And downward – LVH
2)Sinus Bradycardia – less than 60
3)Blood culture is diagnostic in – Infective endocarditis
4)MCC of infective endocarditis – Strepto Viridans
5)Atherosclerosis asso. Infection – Chlymadia pneumonae
6)Osler's nodes – SABE
7)CPAP asso c A/E – Incresed Cardiac output
8)Systolic murmur asso c – Ejection click
9)Physiologocal murmur asso c A/E – Distolic murmur
10)Conn's syndrome – Hyperaldosteronism c Hypokalemia
11)Pure red cell aplasia is asso c - Thymoma
12)Exogenous insulin is differentiated from endogenous by – Presence of 'C' peptide
13)Metabolic syndrome is asso c A/E – Incre HDL
14)Chynes Stokes breathing – Metabolic alkolosis
15)Granulomatous condition with hypercalcemia – Sarcoidosis
16)Apoplexy – Sudden attack of Paralysis
17)Viral Meningitis not asso c – Normal Sugar/Normal chloride/Lymphocytes/Decreased proteins
18)CRF anaemia due to – Erythropoietin deficiency
19)Autosomal Dominant A/E – Beta thallasemia
20)MC cause of Secondary HTN – Renovascular disease
21)Refractory HTN commonest cause – Pt non compliance/Drug induced/ Pheochromocytoma
22)Hypokalemia produces ECG changes A/E – Tall 'T' waves

23)Angina duration – 1-5mins/5-10mins/15mins/30mins
24)Unstable angina – Crescendo with normal ECG
25)Sino atrial disease – Atrial ectopic/Ventricular ectopic/Sinus arrest/Sinus Arrythmia
26)Repeat as above
27)Adenoma Sebaceum in Tuberous Sclerosis is – Angiofibroma
28)Drug induced lupus- anti histone antibodies
29)Portwine urine seen in – porphyria/ nephritis/melanoma/ All of the above
30)Nephritis syndrome A/E – Hypertension/ Hematuria/oliguria/oedema
31)Hepatic carcinogen is – Aflatoxin
32)Liver cirrhosis is d/t – Galactosemia
33)Parentral fat nutrition c/i – Hyperlipidemia/ DM /thrombotic states/All
34)Prophylaxis of pneumocystis carinii advised – AIDS/Symtomatic HIV/asymptomatic HIV/acute HIV
35)Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia - ?inter-alveolar septum
36)Normal urinary protein excretion - <150mg/150-200/200-250/250-300
37)Loud P2 is with - Pulmonary HTN
38)Hydropic degeneration of Basal Cell seen in –Lichen planus/Lichen sclerosis atrphicus/??/??/

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