Thursday, June 19, 2008

23 - DNB june 2008 PSM (community medicine) mcqs

1)Neonatal tetanus eliminated when incidence – is Less than 0.1/ 1000
2)Contribution of employer in ESIS – 4.75%
3)Clorination of water criteria – Clear water
4)Rat flea – Endemic typhus
5)Not transmitted by mosquito – Kala azar
6)Epidemiological investigation of choce for kala azar - ELISA /Montenegro test/ Aldehyde test/??
7)Natural mosquito control agent – Pyrethrum
8)reading of abraded skin by dog – Class 2 – So Vaccine only
9)Sullivan's index-life free of disability
10)Entry of pathogen & maximum infectivity-Generation time
11)Definitive diagnosis of leprosy – skin smear
12)Antigenic shift is in – influenza
13)True of carrier in typhoid – urinary carrier with anomaly
14)Shortest incubation period in food poisioning – Staph aureus
15)Chandler's index – ankylostoma duodenle
16)Drakunculosis transmitted by – Drinking Contaminated water
17)Multibacillary Leprosy is followed upto – 5 Years
18)The concept of Female Health guide was given by – Kartar Singh
19)Socrate's method of health education is by – ?Didactic method/Group discussion
20)Best guide of iron defiency – Serum ferritin
21)Different communities best compared by – Age specific death rate
22)Burden of disease formula – (Positives/Tested)*Population
23)Comfortable temp range – 77-80F
24)Mother to be labelled high risk – Ht less than 140cm
25)Efficiency of Malaria elimination program is evaluated using – ABER
26)Prophylaxis to maniac person not on medication coming to bihar ? ans : mefloquine.
27)Percentage of para para in DDT-- 70-80%
28)Corpulence index used in – Obesity
29)Correct statement – ans-Population density 324/sq km / TFR- 6/ growth ratio – 2.2/??

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