Thursday, June 19, 2008

19 - DNB june 2008 pharmacology mcqs

1)Fatty food increases absorption of – Griseofulvin
2)Partial agonist – Can bind all receptors but produces submaximal activity
3)Which is most resistant aminoglycoside to enzyme - Amikacin
4)Requirement of iron in anaemia calculated by – 4.4*Body wt * Hb deficit
5)True about Folic acid - Required for thymidine synthesis
6)Pralidoxime C/I in – Carbaryl poisoning
7)What will not be found in urine of person consuming multivitamin tablets- Cholecalciferol
8)DOC for systemic aspergillosis – ?Iatraconazole/?Amphotericin
9)Amphotercin B toxicity is monitored by -- ?Potassium Measurement
10)Drug that increases blood level of carbamazapine – ?Ketoconazole
11)True about Valproate is – Causes Hepatic Necrosis
12)Quinidine is asso c A/E – SLE/Tachycardia on treating AF/Bradycardia/Torsades de pointes
13)Anti-IgE used in asthma is – Omalizumab
14)Local Anaesthetic used in I.V.Local Block(Bier's) – Bupivacaine
15)Local Anaesthetic in patient with Hepatic disease – Procaine
16)The drug with agonist receptor A/E – Pentazocine/ Buprenorphine/levonorphan/??
17)BZDs in hypnotic doses consistently produce – Decrease BP/Reduces nocturnal acid secretion/respi depression/??
18)True about Cefuroxime – excreted rapidly by kidneys
19)Granisetron – 5HT3 antagonist
20)Antiparkinsonian drug c antiapoptotic activity -- Selegeline

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