Thursday, June 19, 2008

21 - DNB june 2008 microbiology mcqs

1)True about Hepatitis A virus is A/E – Carrier rate 2%
2)Yellow fever virus is – Flavi virus
3)Acute HIV infection is diagnosed – p24 Ag capture assay
4)SARS is – Corona virus
5)Not a RNA virus – Hepatitis B
6)Mad Cow disease – protein-prion
7)TSS caused by – Staph. Aureus
8)Infant botulinism true A/E – preformed toxin
9)Superantigens A/E – Staph. Endotoxin
10) Lysogenic conversion – Diphtheria
11)MC streptococcus in neonatal meningitis – Lancefield Group B
12)Lipophilic fungus - ??cryptococcus
13)Cryptococcus diagnostic test – India ink
14)Yeast form in tissue A/E – Aspergiilus
15) Diagnostic in 1st week of typhoid – blood culture
16)Typhoid incubation period – 3 -21 days
17)Perforation in typhoid commonly -3rd week
18)Petroff method for sputum microscopy – Concentration method that don't kill bacteria, Incubation c 4% NaOH at 370 C --> Centrifugation at 3000 rpm for 20 min-->Neutralisation c N/10 HCL, Useful for culture & animal inoculation.
19)Vibrio cholerae is characteristic for – growth in alkaline medium
20)True about Pseaudomonas aeuruginosa A/E-- relatively sensitive to many antimicrobials
21)Congenital toxoplasmosis occurs if – infection acquired in later half of pregnancy in non immune mother

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