Tuesday, June 17, 2008

15 - DNB CET june 2008 questions with answers

1. programmed cell death is called ?

answer : apoptosis . ( easiest question among all the 360 questions in two papers . i think )

2. stable cells are ?

a. liver cells b.gut epithelium c. d.

answer : a . ( if u remember other options post in comments )

3.christmas tree stain is used for ?

answer: identification of semen in a forensic sample.

4. telomerase is ?

a. DNA dependent DNA polymerase
b. DNA dependent RNA polymerase
C. RNA dependent RNA polymerase
d. RNA dependent DNA polymerase

answer : RNA dependent DNA polymerase is the answer . it is a reverse transcriptase .

5. HGPRT is used for the salvage of which of these ?

a. hypoxanthine and xanthine
b. hypoxanthine and guanine
c.xanthine and adenine
d. xanthine and guanine

answer : b .


sonata said...

pls show all questions of june dnb cet 2008

maheswarimuthukumar said...

it will very useful if all the questions were published

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