Thursday, June 19, 2008

20 - DNB june 2008 pathology mcqs

1) Delayed type of hypersensitivity is asso c – Memory CD4 cells
2)Not a mediator in allergic rhinitis – CD4/SRS-a/Brsdykinin/Leukotreines
3)Cells like Reed Steinberg are seen in – Inf mononucleosis/mycosis fungoides/solid tissue cancer/all of the above
4)Programmed cell death is called – Apoptosis
5)Apoptosis true is – Cell self initiated
6)HMB45 is tumour marker of – Melanoma/Angiomyolipoma/??/All
7)Barr body first detected in - ?buccal mucosa/brain/liver/skin
8)Stable cells – hepatocytes
9)Falciparum binds to which receptor molecule in brain vascular endothelium – ICAM 1
10)Following is not a tumour marker – CEA/AFP/HCG/(thus last option is answer)
11)Alcoholism seen is – Raised ALT i.e. SGPT
12)Thrombosthenin is – contractile protein of platelets
13)Cryoprecipitate contains – Factor VIII and fibrinogen (Remember also vWF)

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