Thursday, June 19, 2008

17 - DNB june 2008 physiology mcqs

1)Circadian rhythm controlled by – Suprachismatic nucleus
2)Preganglionic sympathetic and parasympathetic secrete – acetylcholine
3)Diffusion of a molecule is directly proportional to – Mol wt/ Temperature/ Water solubility/ Thickness of membrane
4)Parasympathetic stimulation – Increase airway resistance
5)Most important Buffer in blood – Hb
6)Inverse stretch reflex – Lengthening of Muscle
7)Myoglobin is present in – Slow Fibers
8)Inhibin causes
9)Hyperparathyroidism asso c – Increases Alk phosphatase
10)Neurosecretory peptide is – Somatostatin
11)Oxytocin – Neurophysin
12)True abt Capillaries – Large cumulative surface area/Small individual diameter/thin wall/incresed velocity
13)Estrogen secreted by – Theca cells
14)Intracellular cation most osmotically active – Na
15)Interstitial fluid has most imp – Na
16)Splanchnic circulation – 25-30%
17)pH sensing receptors present in A/E – Jugular bulb
18)pH of blood is – 7.35 to 7.45
19)Arterial PO2 decreases in – CO poisoning/ cyanide poisoning/ anemia/ none

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