Thursday, June 19, 2008

24 - DNB june 2008 ENT mcqs ( ear nose and throat )

1)Kisselbach's plexus – Plexus of arteris in ant septum(littele's area)
2)Quadrilteral cartilage – Ant part of septum
3)Young's syndrome – Nasal polyp, bronchiectasis, azoospermia
4)True about A/C polyp – Single seen in choana
5)Sphenoid sinus drains into – Sphenoethmoidal recess
6)Drainage of nasal mucous – Cilliary action of Mucosa
7)Inferior turbinate – is a separate bone
8)In FESS C.T. Scan is advised-??
9)Caldwell-Luc's operation – For Maxillary sinus
10)Nasal bone # corrected by- Walsham's forceps
11)Aspirin use is asso. With - Nasal polyps
12)All sinuses are best viewed in – Caldwel's view/Water's view/Trans orbital view
13)Nerve coming out of Stylomastoid foramen – Facial
14)Epulis is sweling from – Jaw
15)MC cause of fungal Oesophagitis – candida

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