Thursday, June 19, 2008

18 - DNB biochemistry june 2008 mcqs

1)HGPRT – Hypoxanthene & guanine
2)Allosteric type – bind site other than that of substrate
3)Telomerase - RNA dependant DNA polymerase
4)Degeneracy of Genetic Code – for 1 a.a. there may be more than 1 codon
5)Hormone responsive element – DNA sequence where hormone -binding protein complex binds
6)Not a w3 fatty acid – Linolic acid
7)B12 is absorbed in – Ileum
8)Protein in cell membrane can function as – Active transport/Carrier/??/ All
9)Iron present in all except – Ceruloplasmin
10)Fastest peak on electrophoresis – Adult hb/fetal hb/Bart's hb/??
11)Vit D 1,25, OH no role of - Intestine

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