Thursday, June 19, 2008

28 - DNB june 2008 orthopedics mcqs

1)Stress # of- 2nd metatarsal
2)# Neck of femur- Ext rotation and adduction
3)Tuberculous spine mc site- T12/L1
4)Tuberculous arthritis first sign- reduced jt space
5)PID investigation of choice- MRI
6)Clutton jt MC cause- Diabetes Mellitus
7)Neuropathic jt not seen in – DM/amyloidosis/leprosy/sarcoidosis
8)Dactylitis not seen in- sarcoidosis/psoriatic arthritis/tuberculosis/reactive arthritis
9)Standing on toes not possible in paralysis of- Gastrocnemius
10)Card test- Ulnar Nerve
11)Onion peel appearance – Ewig's sarcoma
12)Rheumatoid affect axial skeleton – cervical vertebrae
13)AVN commonly in – intra capsular # NOF
14)Treatment of choice for postmenopausal osteoporosis- Raloxefine
15)Nerve regeneration – 1 mm/day

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