Thursday, June 19, 2008

25 - DNB june 2008 opthalmology mcqs

1)Intermittent proptosis – orbital varices
2)Most dangerous injury for vision - # Optic nerve canal
3)Corneal ectasia with inflammation – Ant Staphyloma
4)Keratoconus is not asso with – Hypermetropia
5)Osteosclerosis of orbit – Meningioma/retinoblastoma/?
6)Rees-Elsworth classification – Retinoblastoma
7)Large choroidoma is asso with - ??
8)Pars planitis visual loss due to – CME
9)Facial paralysis epiphora due to - ??
10)Corneal Ulcer C/I in Rx - Corticosteroids
11)Photoreceptor on stimulated release –Glutamate
12)MC cause of blindness in India – Cataract
13)Thyroid ophthalmopathy MRI finding swelling of – Origin/Insertion/Whole belly
14)Endogenous fungal panophthalmitis - ?Aspergillous
15)Aphakic eye finding A/E – 8% Magnification

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