Sunday, November 15, 2009

286 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2009 MCQS with Answers - part 1

1q: Urothelium lines all except ? (May09 AIIMS repeat)

a. Ureters
b. Major calyx
c. Urinary bladder
d. Membranous urethra

2q: Vaginal sphincter is formed by all except ? (May09 AIIMS repeat)
a. Internal urethral sphincter
b. External urethral sphincter
c. Pubovaginalis
d. Bulbospongiosus

3q: Maximum secretions of potassium ions is seen in ?(May09 AIIMS repeat with different  options)
a. Pacreatic juice
b. bile
c. colon secretions
d. ileal secretions

4q: A man working as a pest killer comes to OPD with pain abdomen, garlic odour in breath and transverse lines on nails. Most likely the person is having? (May 09 AIIMS repeat)
a. Arsenic poisoning
b. Lead poisoning
c. Mercury poisoning
d. Cadmium poisoning

5q: Antemortem and postmortem wounds could be differentiated by all except ? (May 09 AIIMS repeat with different options)
a. Sharp edges
b. Formation of pus
c. Red line formation
d. Inflammatory base

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