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285 - AIPGE 2009 questions and answers part 3

201. mammography can detect all except – adenosis

202. Athletes pubalgia is\

203. SIRS includes all except

204. substance not fermented in human intestines – cellulose, pectin, fruit

205. Hb S differs in – solubility, o2 affinity, stability

206. all are true regarding Hb S except – glutamine replaced by valine, heterozygotes are protected against malaria,

207. Standing to sitting change in - increased venous return to heart

208. Actyl Co A can't directly form – Glucose

209. Dengue Hemorrhagic fever - Second Infection with different strain of virus the second time

210. 100 KD on SDS-PAGE, then second trial – 2x(20KD + 30KD)

211. Wilm's Tumor - National Wilm tumor staging system

212. Action potential starts in the initial segment of axon because – unmyelinated, less exiting potential required, more ion channels

213. regulatory mechanisms by all except – secretory vesicles, gap junctions, act on neighbouring cells

214. regarding lac operon, CAP is – positive regulator, negative regulator,

215. E157:O7 culture

216. not a cause of primary amenorrhoea - Sheehan

217. Chlamydia infection of the eyes, true statement a/e – can be cultured, penicillin is the treatment, mostly asymptomoatic

218. Salmonella non typhi -

219. edema – C 1 esterase deficiency

220. hyperaldosteronism a/e – metabolic acidosis

221. HepB infected neonate - both Vaccine and Immunoglobin

222. Hashimoto's thyroiditis true a/e – follicular destruction, increase in lymphocytes

223. Diastolic pressure - Aorta elasticity

224. IMG –

225. Joint aspiration in acute gout shows - monosodium urate crystals

226. GIST most common marker – CD 117, S 100

227. all drugs can be given to a mother who is on 35th week of gestation except – chloroquine, methotrexate, sulphadiazine

228. neonate change seen – bradycardia

229. heat rupture – regular rupture, irregular rupture

230. won't be present in right heart failure - increased PCWP

231. - joule burn

232. parotid pathway all except – auticulotemporal nerve

233. sodium bicarbonate given to local Anaesthesia – quick and longer action, delayed and longer action

234. which prevents colon cancer – high fibre diet, selenium, antioxidants

235. Entero Virus won't cause – aseptic meningitis, pleurodynia, herpangina, haemorrhagic fever

236. meningitis leads to vestibulitis through – hyrtle fissure, endolymphatic sac, cochlear aqueduct, vestibular aqueduct

237. cardiac disease predictor – Lp a, homocysteine, chlamydial antibody

238. Benign HTN - hyaline aterioscelerosis

239. micro RNA –

240. temporal arteritis a/e – can cause sudden blindness, elderly, females more than males

241. most common muscle to be congenitally absent – pectoralis major, teres minor, gastrocnemius, soleus

242. popliteal artery not easy to palpate because – it is not superficial, and no bony structure to palpate

243. LHD increased in – retinoblastoma, galactosemia, glaucoma

244. intestinal absorption test – xylulose, fat in stools

245. lambda phage

246. mc cause of superficial thrombophlebitis - trauma, infection, i.v. line

247. pseudoclaudication - cauda equina syndrome

248. stellate ganglion block causes all except – bradycardia

249. lymphoid tissue seen in – lamina propria, adventitia

250. visual cycle – opsin combines with retinol, NADP is reduced, NAD is reduced

251. high tibial osteotomy for what

252. vocal cord sulci- vocal abuse?

253. paneth cell – has more zinc, more lysozyme

254. pulmonary artery pruning seen in

255. surgical staging of ovarian ca all done except – peritoneal wasing, peritoneal biopsy, mesenteric biopsy, palpation of organs

256. spongy urethra drainage into which node – internal iliac, superficial inguinal, deep inguinal

257. In which condition is d onset of condition to death the lowest – post partum hmge, antepartum hmge, obstructed labour, septicaemia

258. About mesial temporal lobe epilepsy

259. angiogenesis requires a/e – VEGF, FGF, TGF

260. weight of average Indian man – 60 kgs

261. synovial fluid characteristics –

262. functions of T helper cells are all except – cytotoxic, help in antibody formation, opsonisation

263. DMPA - 0.3% failure rate, less effective than OCP in reducing endometrial carcinoma

264. tamoxifen side effect – thromboembolism, endometrial canrcinoma

265. eclampsia –

266. fatty content in breast is found in a/e – trauma, galactocele

267. ageing – free radical

268. thoracic outlet syndrome diagnosed by – clinical examination, ct scan, mri

269. apoptosis which cell organelle responsible – mitochondria

270. psammoma bodies seen in a/e – follicular cancer thyroid, papillary cancer thyroid, serous cyst adenoma ovary, meningioma

271. the most bactericidal among the following – O2- metabolite

272. karyotyping used for – chromosomal abnormalities

273. central chemoreceptors are sensitive to – low O2, low CO2, high CO2, H+ concentration

274. blood flow is increased during exercise due to – active metabo275 hcv -true is dna virus,doesn't cause coinfection with hbv,??

276 igc angiography -occult cnv (ans)

277 scar on skin +hypoplasia limbs-cong varicella synd(harrison)

278 heriditary hemochromatosis true excpt-iron def

279 post tonsilectomy bleed in a child coagulatn defct ,aptt incrased-hemophilia b

280 clot stabilisation factor-13

281 idc classification??

282 similar

283 hiv complicationsall excpt-cardiac tamponade,effusion,thromboemb(ans harrison),

284 conjunti foreign body sensation with arthritis h/o trip -reiters synd

285 neuroblastoma true is a/e??spreads through vessels,abdominal mass??

286 one more question with ideas289 dose reduction needed in renal failure all except-rifampicin

290 thyroid ca indicated by all excpt-collumnar cells in follicles,microcalcification,??

291 rooooming in includes all except-breast feeding initiation after 4 hrs of vag delivery
292. one on LACHMAN TEST

293. what is not a primary req of association--biological plausibility, tempral association, consistency, coherence

294. c wave in JVP

295. All true for angioneurotic edema except pittin in nature

296. all are effects of estrogen except dec HDL

297. Moderate grade risk factor of Breast carcinoma- atypical hyperplasia

298. one on Genomic imprinting

299. Colon carcinoma single most imp prognostic factor

300. congenital deformity of organ- malformation

301. oxidation reduction occurs with all except- Hydroperoxidases, perosidases, oxidases

302. Folic def all except- Chloroquine

303. Most reliable diagnostic test for insulinoma-72 hr fasting test.

304.vaginal delivery is contraindicated in-monochorionic monoamniotic twins,mento anterior position..

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