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283 - AIPGE 2009 questions with answers part 1

1. Proteus – triple phosphate renal stone

2. Appetite stimulant a/e – melanocyte stimulating hormone, melanocyte corticotropic releasing hormone, neuropeptide Y

3. non invasive diarrhoea a/e – shigella, b.cereus, salmonella, y.enterocolitica

4. closely related to anterior commisure – orbit gyrus, uncus, optic chiasma

5. Probability – 6/25, 3/5, 2/5

6. IDEAS –

7. Hernia – loop/end colostomy, loop/end ileostomy

8. Anatomical snuff box – radial a, brachial a, interroseus a, ulnar a

9. Foreign body sensation in the eye, arthritis – tb, sarcoidosis

10. Immediately after eating dyspneoa, cyanosis – allergy

11. Lupus anticoagulant – increase in aPTT only, abortion in pregnant females, can occur without other signs of lupus

12. Milkman # - pseudo#

13. Punched out lesion in skull – electrophoresis, calcium, alp

14. Least polar – methyl, carboxyl, amino, phosphate

15. Nerve entrapment all except – femoral, lat cut n of thigh, tibial, common digital

16. Mammography less sensitive in young women – less gland & more fat

17. Medulla blood supply all except – ant spinal, bulbar, basal, post cerebellar a

18. Trochlear n – ipsilateral sup oblique, longest intracranial n, dorsal n, outside annulus of zinn

19. Vasomotor centre of medulla – only baroreceptor not chemoreceptor

20. Chronic low back pain – pain management, exercise, remove the etiology

21. Pauci immune glomerulonephritis – microangiopathic, alport, sle

22. Coombs positive anaemia – sle, ttp

23. juxta foveal telangiectasia a/e – variant of coats, macular telangiectasia,

24. diabetic retinopathy treatment a/e – seal the tear, remove peripheral retinal layers, vitrectomy, photocoagulation

25. narrow angle glaucoma avoid – duloxetine, citalopram, fluphenazine,

26. valproate causes a/e – weight gain, alopecia, liver damage,

27. uveal effusion a/e – myopia, abnormal scleral structure, scleritis, cilio-choroid can get separated

28. nitrosamine – hypotension and bradycardia

29. paravertebral block can go to a/e – epidural space, subarachnoid space, paravertebral space, intercostals space

30. neuroblastoma – most common extracranial solid tumour in children, >50% come with mets, lung mets common, invove aorta and branches at early stage.

31. monetary fund given to – schizophrenia, dementia, mental retardation

32. normal curve – mean=sd, mean=median, mean=variance

33. frequency distribution – histogram

34. involvement of sweat gland and hair follicles – lichen scrofulosum, military tb

35. all are direct cutaneous disease except – psoriasis, reiter’s disease, lichen planus

36. scarring alopecia – t.capitis, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, lichen planus

37. adrenal adenoma a/e – hypoechoic on non contrast ct, contrast appears early and washes out late, regular border

38. casper dictum –

39. stellate wound – 2 feet distance, distant shot, contact wound, close range

40. pedestrian with multiple abrasions – primary impact, sec impact, tert impact.

41. para 3+0,CIN 3 in one quadrant on pap smear, what is the management – cryosurgery, conisation, hysterectomy

42. thyroid papillary ca 2cm – near total with rnd, hemithyroidectomy

43. follicular adenoma vs carcinoma – hurthle cell, increased mitosis, vascular invasion

44. sertoli cells – meiosis, spermatogenesis, seminal fluid, testosterone

45. obstructive azoospermia – fsh and lh

46. smoking assoc with a/e – ca larynx, nasopharynx, bladder, oesophagus

47. latest WHO scale of disability – ideas

48. SEPS –

49. commonest organ to be injured in bomb blast – lung

50. causes pf hypercoagulability a/e – paraproteinemia, infections, inflammatory bowel disease

51. features of pnh – DVT, massive splenomegaly,

52. thromboembolism assoc with a/e – pnh, diabetes

53. cannot be defined in operational terms – mission, goal, objective, target

54. cannot be defined in operational terms – mission, goal, objective, target

55. leptospirosis a/e – treatment of choice iv penicillin g, 10-15% mortality, rat urine

56. all true except – leptospirosis rat urine, tetanus dust droplets, listeria refridgerated food

57. all true except – hypochlorite virucidal, glutaraldehyde sporicidal, phenol require organic material

58. all true except – zinc def pulmonary problems, milk alkali synd hypercalcemia, selenium def cardiac problem

59. precocious puberty boy 5years with pubic hair, bp 120/90 – 11b hydroxylase, deoxycorticosterone, 17 a hydroxylase, aldosterone

60. positive urinary anion gap – alcoholoic ketoacidosis, diabetic ketoacidosis, glue, diarrhoea

61. water sample estimation a/e – clostridium recent contamination

62. nutritional survey a/e – 1 to 4 year mortality, babies < 2.5 kg, mother hb < 11.5

63. q fever vector – aerosol

64. crude birth rate a/e – ratio, fertility indicator, still born excluded

65. imci includes a/e – malaria, resp infections, diarrhoea, tb

66. trauma patient with gcs score 15, bp 100/80 next step – iv fluid with blood for cross matching, immediate transfusion, take him to theatre

67. ductal carcinoma in situ best investigation – usg, mammography, mri, pet

68. calcification of post spinal ligament a/e – begins from thoracic level

69. neural tube closes from – cranial, caudal, lumbar

70. chronic renal failure patient with hyperkalemia immediate treatment before dialysis to reduce potassium levels – calcium gluconate, sod bicarbonate, glucose with insulin

71. after starvation which site will have max glucose receptor – brain, rbc, adipose tissue

72. lipoprotein lipase a/e – adipocytes, myocytes, does not need CII as cofactor

73. child bites his fingers – hgprtase def, adenosine deaminase def

74. after cutting with restriction enzymes segments joined by – dna ligase, polymerase

75. colon carcinoma a/e – mismatch repair genes, k ras, b cantenin, apc

76. comet tail artefact – adenomyomatosis

77. aedes mosquito a/e - constant biters, eggs cannot survive more than one week without water, transmit dengue,

78. dengue hmgic fever a/e – type 1 serotype, reinfection with the same serotype, reinfection with diff serotype

79. hiv maximum transmission – homosexual, heterosexual, blood transfusion, needle prick

80. hiv enters via – cd4, cd5, cd6, cd 56

81. GIST which is increased max – cd 117, s 100

82. pancreatic transplant with bladder catheter – urine amylase, blood amylase, blood glucose

83. 29 yrs with diabetes, no ketonuria, father does not have DM , grandfather has DM – mody, dm1, DM 2

84. RCC a/e – polycythemia, cushings, hypertension

85. angiotensin a/e – vasodilatation, increases thirst, stimulates adh

86. renal Physiology a/e – dct is always hypoosmotic, source of blood to glomerulus? afferent tubule, efferent tubule

87. reversible ischaemia – muga, thallium

88. maltese cross – blastomycosis, penicillium, candida

89. deep perineal pouch a/e – bulbourethral gland, urethral sphincter, root of penis

90. pelvic diaphragm a/e - colles fascia, deep transverse perinii, superficial transverse perinii

91. aortic aneurysm rupture – anterior, posterior, lateral, intraperitoneal

92. m.c. site of subclavian artery constriction – 1st part, 2nd, 3rd, entire artery

93. arteriovenous shunt a/e – found in all organs, thermoregulation, not under the control of ANS

94. pseudomonas multocida - ?

95. mifepristone used in – threatened abortion, fibroid, ectopic pregnancy

96. lactating female best contraceptive – barrier method, lactational amenorrhea

97. laproscopic sterilisation not done in – heart disease, hiatus hernia . incontinenti pigmenti – 100% ophthalmic problems, x linked dominant, skin rash, associated with eye problems

99. neurofibromatosis a/e – autosomal recessive

100. trotters triad – deafness, palatal palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, seizures

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