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282 - PGI Chandigarh December 2007 Mcqs with answers part 5

24. The following are true about Optic disc ?

a. Forms an absolute scotoma in the eye field
b. Optic disc measures vertically 1.84 mm and horizontally 1.76 mm
c. Approximately 1 million nerve fiber
d. Supplied by central retinal artery
e. Fovea centralis situated nasally to disc

25. True about adult cornea ?

a. Diameter is 10 mm
b. Diameter is 12 mm
c. Diameter is 14 mm
d. Vertically it is about 1 mm more than transverse
e. Microcornea - diameter less than 10 mm

26. Soft exudates are found in ?

a. DM
b. HTN
c. Toxemia
d. Coat's disease
e. All

27. First retinal abnormality in diabetic retinopathy ?

a. Microaneurysm
b. Hard exudates
c. Soft exudates
d. Cotton wool spots

28. Bull's eye lesion is due to toxicity of ?

a. Chloroquine
b. Ethambutol
c. Chlorpromazine
d. Dapsone
e. Tamoxifen

29. Pigment deposition on cornea is seen in ?

a. Chloroquine
b. Digoxin
c. Ranitidine
d. Amiodarone

30. Regarding colour blindness, true is ?

a. Mainly congenital
b. Can be tested with Fansworth100 hue test
c. Isihara chart tests red/green color blindness
d. Jerlin-Merlin cotton wool tests it

31. Medial wall of orbit formed by ?

a. Body of sphenoid
b. Lesser wing of sphenoid
c. Greater wing of sphenoid
d. Frontal process of maxilla
e. Anterior and posterior ethmoid canals

32. Retinal detachment seen in ?

a. Myopia
b. Hypermetropia
c. Eale's disease
d. Cataract extraction
e. Nd Yag photocoagulation

33. Ocular manifestations in AIDS ?

a. Kaposi sarcoma
b. Retinitis
c. Lymphoma
d. Tuberculosis
e. Herpes

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