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284 - AIPGE 2009 questions with answers part 2

101. tuberous sclerosis triad – facial angiomatosis, mental retardation, seizures, rhabdomyosarcoma

102. the following species of borrelia cause relapsing fever except –

103. pancreatic carcinoma a/e – 75% associated with p53 mutation, 5 year survival for stage 3 is 10-15%

104. gold standard test to diagnose insulinoma – c peptide levels, 72 hrs fasting glucose, glucose value < 32mg%

105. a 9 year old girl posted for tonsillectomy, massive haemorrhage with prolonged aPTT and normal PT – factor 8 def, factor 9 def, vWF def

106. simple random sampling – everyone has equal chance of being picked

107. incidence rate can be calculated from – prospective studies

108. all are analytical studies except – field trials, case control, cohort, ecological

109. baby clinic a/e – baby 24hrs with mother, after normal delivery breast feeding within 4 hrs,

110. target strategy in aids a/e – education, treatment of STD, antiretroviral treatment, condoms

111. chemoprophylaxis available for all except – meningitis, typhoid, cholera,

112. vaccine with highest efficacy – measles, dpt, oral typhoid, tetanus

113. the following vaccine when contaminated causes toxic shock syndrome – measles vaccine

114. the following contractions of esophagus are stationary – primary, secondary, tertiary, quarternary

115. late expanding phase of population – birth rate stationary death rate falling, birth rate lower than death rate, falling death rates with low birth rate

116. fish odour from vaginal discharge – gardenella vaginalis, trichomonas vaginalis, candida

117. all the following are composite muscles except – flexor carpi ulnaris, flexor digitorum profundus, pectineus, biceps femoris

118. the following joint has least chances for recurrent dislocation – ankle, hip, shoulder, knee

119. hemochromatosis a/e – phlebotomy is not useful, common in females, complete penetrance.

120. a young female had following lab values mcv 70, hb 10 mg%, serum iron 60, serum ferritin 100, the diagnosis is – thalassemia trait, chroinic iron deficiency anaemia, megaloblastic anaemia, folic acid def

121. facilitated diffusion is – requires carrier transport, does not depend upon electrical gradient, is a form of active transport, requires creatine phosphate

122. oxygen demand of heart – increases in a constant proportion with heart rate, depends on systolic work, is negligible when heart is at rest

123. pulsatile large liver is seen in – tricuspid regurgitation, aortic aneurysm, mitral regurgitation

124. systolic thrill in left 2nd or 3rd intercostal space is seen in a/e – subpulmonic vsd, pink TOF, ebsteins anomaly

125. a down syndrome patient is posted for surgery, the necessary pre-op investigation to be done is – echocardiography, ct brain, x ray cervical spine

126. zenkers diverticulum true statement is – lies above the cricopharyngeus muscle, barium xray lateral view, it is not a true diverticulum, is congenital

127. all are the uses of lithium except – major depression, anxiety, vascular headache, neutropenia

128. a female child was brought with complaint of generalised swelling of her body. She was passing fatty cast in her urine. No haematuria. The true statement is – no IgG or C3 deposition seen on renal biopsy, her C3 levels could be low, she is suffering from a nephritic type of kidney diasease, alport syndrome

129. von hippel landau syndrome consists of a/e – gastric cancer, renal cell carcinoma, phaechromocytoma, cerebral and retinal haemangiomas.

130. finnish type of nephrotic syndrome is due to mutation in – nephrin, podocin

131. renal polycystic disease in children all are true except – autosomal dominant, renal and hepatic cysts

132. splicing is brought about by – sn RNA, m RNA

133. superior middle alveolar artery is a branch of –

134. splenic artery gives all the following branches except – gastro epiploic, short gastric, pancreatica magna

135. chemotherapy is given to all the following cancers except – (various stages of different cancers were in the options)

136. triple assessment of cancer breast includes – history, clinical examination, biopsy

137. necrotising fasciitis a/e – due to group b haemolytic streptococcus, debridement is mandatory, involves trunk and lower limbs

138. the following cephalosporin doesn’t need dose modifications depending on gfr values – cefoperazone

139. tacrolimus side effect – nephrotoxicity, neurotoxicity

140. hand foot and mouth syndrome – capecitabine, carboplatin, cisplatin

141. amifostine – salivary gland, skin, GIT, brain

142. small cell lung cancer true statement – it is chemosensitive, does not involve the bone marrow

143. ifosphamide is – an alkylating agent

144. liquefactive necrosis is seen in – gangrene, tuberculosis

145. reduces bone resorption and increases bone formation – teraparatide, strontium, alendronate, calcitonin

146. the nephrotoxicity of cisplatin is increased by a/e – rifampicin, vancomycin, gentamycin,

147. treatment of severe falciparum malaria – quinine, chloroquine, artesunate, artemether

148. hepatitis C true statement is – most common cause for liver transplantation, does not cause liver cancer, dna virus, cannot infect a person already infected with hepatitis B

149. parvo virus B 19 false statement is – can cross the placenta in only <10% cases, dna virus, causes anaemia

150. all cause traumatic asphyxia except – railway accident, road accident, trampled by crowd, accidental strangulation.

151. true statement of RDA - RDA is defined statistically as 2 standard deviations (SD) above the EAR to ensure that the needs of most individuals are met

152. restless leg syndrome seen in – chronic renal disease, hyperkalemia, hypocalcemia

153. cyanosis does not occur in anaemia because – certain amount of reduced hb has to be present, in anaemia oxygen saturation increases

154. 2,3 disphosphoglycerate not increased in - chronic anaemia, chronic hypoxia, inosine, hypoxanthine

155. hb dissociation curve is sigmoid because – binding of oxygen to one molecule of hb increases the affinity of other oxygen molecules

156. modafinil used in – obstructive sleep apnoea

157. best non surgical treatment of stress incontinence – pelvic floor muscle training, bladder training, electrical stimulation

158. carpal tunnel syndrome caused by a/e – hyperthyroidism, acromegaly, diabetes, cushing

159. a lady with temporal field defects, galactorrhoea, most common cause – pituitary macroadenoma, craniopharyngioma

160. sleep controlled by – thalamus, hypothalamus

161. juvenile arthritis all are present except – rheumatoid nodules, uveitis, fever

162. bleomycin – reduces type 1 pneumocyte, reduces type 2 pneumocyte, reduces alveolar macrophage

163. hepatomegaly is caused by all except – gaucher, niemann pick, hepatocyte porphyria

164. cancer larynx – HPV 6 and HPV 11

165. limb defects with scarring of skin in new born – varicella virus

166. mitomycin C used in –

167. cell cycle specific antineoplastic drug – vinblastine

168. treatment of osteosarcoma are a/e – high dose methotrexate,….

169. in subclinical folic acid deficiency the following drug will bring about vitamin B 12 deficiency

170. the following drug can be given safe in pregnancy - propylthiouracil

171. rapid correction of hyperglycemia using insulin alone will result in – hypokalemia

172. icd 10 includes all except – lack of exercise, alcoholism, poisoning, unhealthy food.

173. cheif cells are found in – neck, pit, fundus

174. risk factor 4 GB Ca a/e – >5mm polyp, stones, increase in size of polyp

175. motorcyclist's fructure means – ring #, comminuted #, separation of suture b/w anterior half and posterior half of skull.

176. spastic paraplegia caused by all except – motor neuron disease, vit B 12 def

177. all are true about eaton lambert syndrome except – positive tensilon test.

178. pain insensitive structure – dural venous sinus.

179. icd….

180. cystic fibrosis all are true except – defect in calcium channel

181. girl with abnormal sweat chloride test, next diagnostic test – transnasal potential difference

182. Rheumatoid factor will give false negative tests with – coombs test….

183. abrasions can be confused with – eczema, chemical, ant bite

184. newborn with hydrocephalous – toxoplasmosis

185. Disease which permanently alters finger print – leprosy

186. vaginal delivery allowed in all except - monochorionic monoamniotic twins, first twin cephalic and second breech, extended breech, mento anterior

187. dysgerminoma marker – LDH

188. Rate of mineralisation of newly formed osteoid – von kossa stain, alizarin stain

189. sympathectomy done in all except – anhidrosis, intermittent claudication

190. intermittent claudication the pain is on taking - 1st step, last step, on exercise

191. chronic limb ischaemia true is – rest pain, pain on exercise

192. best graft for surgery below inguinal is –

193. superior gluteal nerve supplies all except – gluteus maximus

194. carotid artery emboli and CRVO are differentiated by – raised retinal artery pressure

195. intrinsic factor secreted by - chief cells, parietal cells

196. priviliged converstaion is between – doctor and court, doctor and patient

197. myodesis is c/i in

198. which factor is specifically a part of intrinsic clotting pathway – 9, 7, 13

199. Seen in acute inflammation classically – vasodilatation with leakage, vasoconstriction

200. 45 year old male had a chest pain. he died after 4 days. on postmortem intramural coagulation was found. this is – neutrophils, granulation tissue formation, granulomatous reaction, scar

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