Monday, November 16, 2009

306 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2009 MCQS with Answers - part 21

101q: Treatment of choice in Condyloma acuminatum in pregnancy?
a. Podophyllotoxin
b. Cryotherapy
c. Imiqimod
d. Salicylic acid and lactic acid solution

102q: Which of the following is true in asthma ?
a. Increased FRC and Increased RV
b. Decreased FRC and Decreased RV
c. Increased FRC and Decreased RV
d. Decreased FRC and Increased RV

103q: Which of the following is not a personality trait ?
a. Sensation seeking
b. Neuroticism
c. Pleasure seeking
d. Problem solving

104q: Nitrates are not used in which of the following?
a. Oesophageal spasm
b. Renal colic
c. CHF
d. Cyanide poisoning

105q: Drug not used in Congestive Heart Failure ?
a. Nitrates
b. Spironolactone
c. Nesiritide
d. Trimetazidine

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