Monday, November 16, 2009

305 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2009 MCQS with Answers - part 20

96q: Which of the following is located most medially in the femoral triangle?
a. Vein
b. Artery
c. Nerve
d. Lymphatics

97q: Which of the following is not a feature of pseudogout?
a. Small joints affected
b. Large joints affected
c. Chondrocalcinosis
d. Deposition of Calcium pyrophosphate

98q: A girl presents with pain in the legs. She also complains of recurrent vomiting and headache. What is the diagnosis?
a. Somatoform pain disorder
b. Conversion disorder
c. Somatization disorder
d. ???????????

99q: Which of the following is the best marker for Dyslipidemia?
a. Triglycerides and cholesterol ratio
b. LDL/HDL ratio
c. LDL/Cholesterol ratio
d. APO A1

100q: Defective DNA repair is associated with ?
a. Albinism
b. Xeroderma pigmentosum
c. Sickle cell anemia
d. ??????????

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