Monday, November 16, 2009

310 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2009 MCQS with Answers - part 25

121q: True about Burkitt's Leukaemia
1. CD 34 and Surface Ig both positive
2. CD 34 negative but surface Ig positive
3. CD 34 positive but Surface Ig negative
4. CD 34 and Surface Ig both negative

122q: Type of anaemia caused by Ileocaecal TB:
1. Iron - deficiency anemia
2. Megaloblastic anemia
3. sideroblastic anemia
4. Normocytic Normochromic anemia

123q: NOT a high risk factor for Cholangiocarcinoma :
1. Parasitic infestation
2. Ulcerative Colitis
3. Chronic typhoid carriers
4. Choledocholithiasis

124q: ACE inhibitor which is NOT a prodrug:
1. Fosinopril
2. Enalapril
3. ?????????
4. Lisinopril

125q: NOT a common cause of Vasculitis in adults:
1. Giant Cell Arteritis
2. PAN
3. Kawasaki disease
4. HSP


shakthi said...

for 123 question option c is chronic typhoid carriers.

nkj said...

^^ its choledocolithiasis,
main factors responsible are 5Cs,
Ulcerative Colitis, sclerosing cholangitis, C. Sinensis, Chronic typhoid carriers, Choledocal cyst.

nkj said...

121q: no idea but i'd go for 4. CD 34 and Surface Ig both negative bcz i cudnt find any ref in harrisons or robbins
122: may be megaloblastic anemia, bcz it involves ileum
123: choledocolithisis
124: lisinopril, all ACEI are prodrugs except lisinopril and captopril
125: kawaski's disease, peak incidence less than 2 yrs 80% cases less than 5 yrs ref. harrisons

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