Monday, November 23, 2009

319 - PGI Chandigarh November 2009 MCQs with answers - part 7

31q: True about total fertility rate...
a) It represents total nummber of children born to woman during reproductive period
B) It represent total number of daughters born
c) It represent the completed family size
d) ......??

32q: Granulomatous lesions include
a) Lupus vulgaris
b) Lichen sclerosis
c) Sarcioidosis
d) Kaposi sarcoma

33q: Bronchial breathing is not seen in..
a) Consolidation
b) Bronchopneumonia
c) Chronic bronchitis
d) Fibro-cavitary lesion
e) ????????

34q: Which of the following can be used safely in porphyria...
a) Thiopentone
b) Ketamine
c) Methadone
d) Etomidate
e) propofol

35q: Minimum concentration of reduced hemoglobin required for cyanosis is:-
a) 1gm/dl.
b) 3 gm/dl
c) 5 gm/dl
d) 7 gm/dl
e) 9 gm/dl

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