Monday, November 23, 2009

314 - PGI Chandigarh November 2009 MCQs with answers - part 2

6q: Which of the following can cause First dose syncope:-
a) Alpha blocker
b) Beta blocker
c) ACE inhibitors
d) Aldosterone agonists
e) ???????

7q: Which of the following does not cause Corneal neovascularisation...?
a) Soft contact lens use
b) Viral keratitis
c) Graft rejection
d) Chemical burn
e) vitreal surgery

8q: Which of the following is not true about Rheumatoid arthritis
a) Disease is limited to articular cartilage
b) Associated with HLA DR4 and DQ4..
c) Rheumatoid nodules are seen in 20% patients
d) Women are affected 3 times more than Men...
e)RF is a must for diagnosis

9q: Diffuse specific lesions on intestinal biopsy are seen in
a) Celiac sprue
b) Whipples disease
c) Agammaglobulinemia
d) Abetalipoproteinemai
e) Tropical sprue

10q: Natural method of genetic material exchange among bacteria include :-
a) Electroporation
b) Transduction
c) Transformation
d) Conjugation
e) Mutation

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