Monday, November 16, 2009

293 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2009 MCQS with Answers - part 8

36q: Blow out fracture of the orbit most commonly involves which of the following?
a. roof
b. posterior wall of the floor of orbit
c. medial wall
d. lateral wall

37q: Most useful investigation in suspected ectopic pregnancy is ?(AIIMS MAY 2008 repeat)
a. TVS sonography
b. Culdocentesis
c. HCG levels estimation
d. ????????

38q: A 10 year old boy with boggy swelling of the scalp, with discharging sinuses presents to the doctor. Hair is easily pluckable and lymphnodes are involved in the occipital region. Which of the following tests is useful in making the diagnosis?
a. KOH preparation
b. culture
c. Biopsy
d. ??????

39. What are the receptors that help in the transport of glucose into the myocyte?
a. GLUT-1
b. GLUT-2
c. GLUT-3
d. GLUT-4

40.Progesterone used in emergency contraception ?
a. Norgesterone
b. Micronised Progesterone
c. Levonorgesterol

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