Monday, November 23, 2009

317 - PGI Chandigarh November 2009 MCQs with answers - part 5

21q: Polycystic kidney is seen on IVP as..
a) Flower vase appearance
b) Falling flower appearnce
c) Spider leg apperance
d) Egg in the cup appearance..

22q: A lady presented to you with a history of early pregnancy loss. What are the investigations to be ordered..??
a) Blood sugar
b) Rubella screening
d) Blood grouping
e) toxoplasma serology

23q: quickening in pregnancy is seen during which weeks?

24q: Adverse effects of Dapsone are:-
a) Agranulocytosis
b) Thrombocytopenia
c) Hepatitis
d) Neuropathy
e) Methemoglobinemia

25q: Biophysical profle includes..
a) Fetal heart rate acceleration monitoring
b) Fetal breathing movement
c) Fetal body movements
d) Placental examination
e) ......??

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