Monday, November 16, 2009

302 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2009 MCQS with Answers - part 17

81q: What is the characteristic feature seen in wegener's glomerulonephritis ?
a. Granulomas in the vessel wall
b. Focal necrotizing glomerulo sclerosis
c. ????????????
d. ????????????

82q: A male presents to the infertility clinic with azoospermia. His testes is normal and the FSH and Testosterone are in the normal range. What is the probable cause?
a. Testicular failure
b. Vas obstruction
c. Klinefelter's syndrome
d. Kallman's syndrome

83q: TNF ALPHA should not be used in ?
a. RA + HIV
b. RA + TB
c. RA + Crohn's disease
d. ????????

84q: Pain in early labour is limited to which of the following dermatomes ?
a. T11, T12
b. L1, L2
c. L3, L4
d. S1, S2

85q: Uterine blood flow at term is ?
a. 100-200 ml/min
b. 200-400 ml/min
c. 300-500 ml/min
d. 550-750 ml/min

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