Monday, November 16, 2009

308 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2009 MCQS with Answers - part 23

111q: Rib notching is seen in all except?
a. After Blalock-Tausig shunt
b. After Waterston's shunt
c. Pulmonary atresia with VSD
d. ????????????????

112q: Which of the following is associated with more than 20% risk of chromosomal anomalies?
a. omphalocele
b. gastroschisis
c. cleft palate
d. spina bifida

113q: Recall bias is most commonly seen with ?
a. Case control study
b. Cohort study
c. Cross sectional study
d. Randomized control study

114q: Deep peroneal nerve supplies?
a. First web space
b. Fifth web space
c. Anterolateral leg
d. Anterolateral foot

115q: Tocolytic of choice for heart disease in pregnancy?
a. Nifedipine
b. MgSO4
c. Atosiban
d. ???????

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