Monday, November 16, 2009

294 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2009 MCQS with Answers - part 9

41q: Fallopian tube dysmotility is seen in ? (AIIMS repeat)
a. Kartagener's syndrome
b. ??????
c. ??????
d. ??????

42q: Stimulation of which of the following nerves elevates the mood?
a. Optic nerve
b. Olfactory nerve
c. Trigeminal nerve
d. Vagus

43q: Call-exner bodies are seen in ? (AIIMS MAY 2008 repeat).
a. Granulosa cell tumor
b. Endodermal sinus tumor
c. Yolk sac tumor
d. Dysgerminoma

44q: A 10 year old girl presents with primary amenorrhea, absent breasts and malformed uterus. What is the most likely diagnosis? (AIIMS MAY 2008 repeat)
a. MRKH syndrome
b. Turner's syndrome
c. Mixed gonadal dysgenesis
d. Swyer's syndrome

45q: A 35 year old presents with post-coital bleeding. What is the next step :
a. Clinical examination and pap smear
b. Visual inspection and acetowhite
c. Visual inspection with lugol's iodine
d. ???????

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deblina said...

OLFACTORY NERVE (?) stimulation leads to elevation of mood

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