Monday, November 23, 2009

313 - PGI Chandigarh November 2009 MCQs with answers - part 1

1q: Drugs causing Acute Tubular Necrosis are :
b) Amphotericin B
c) Rifampicin
e) Aminoglycosides.

2q: N. gonococci infection is Associated with deficiency of which of the following,....
a) C5
b) C6
c) C7
d) C8
e) C9

3q: Which of the following drugs can cause Nephrotic syndrome...'
a) Inteferon alpha.
b) Gold
c) Mercury

4q: A person can be called as Major at what age, according to "Indian.... Act"
a) 16
b) 18
c) 21
d) 25
e) 12

5q: Which arteries supply Pectoral Major muscle:-
a) Pectoral branch of Thoraco- acromial
b) Intercostal
c) Lateral thoracic
d) Subclavin A.
e) Internal Mammary A.

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