Monday, November 16, 2009

288 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2009 MCQS with Answers - part 3

11q: The gene for HLA is located on ?
a. Short arm of chromosome 6
b. Short arm of chromosome 3
c. Long arm of chromosome 6
d. Long arm of chromosome 3

12q: What does 'C' in C-Reactive protein stand for?
a. C polysaccaride of pneumococcus
b. That comes after ARP, BRP
c. Connovalin-A
d. Cellular

*C-reactive protein was originally discovered by Tillett and Francis in 1930 as a substance in the serum of patients with acute inflammation that reacted with the C polysaccharide of pneumococcus. Initially it was thought that CRP might be a pathogenic secretion as it was elevated in people with a variety of illnesses including cancer, however discovery of hepatic synthesis demonstrated that it is a native protein.

13q: Nobel prize in physiology or medicine was recently awarded for the discovery of?
a. Lipoxin
b. RNA i
c. ?????
d. ?????

*Nobel prize winners in physiology or medicine for 2008.
*Nobel prize winners in physiology or medicine for 2009.

14q: Which of the following is a poor prognostic finding of Acute lymphoblastic leukemia?(AIIMS Repeat)
a. TLC 4000-10000
b. Involvement of gonads
c. Age less than 2 years
d. ?????????

15q: Sclera is thinnest at? (AIIMS MAY 2009 repeat)
a. Limbus
b. Equator
c. Anterior to attachment of superior rectus
d. Posterior to attachment of superior rectus

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