Monday, November 23, 2009

312 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2009 MCQS with answers - part 27

131. A patient presents to the hospital with increased bilirubin in the blood. Direct bilirubin was observed to be 50%. Liver function tests were found to be normal. What is the diagnosis ?
a. Sepsis
b. Rotor syndrome
c. Gilbert syndrome
d. Hereditary glucuronyl transferase deficiency

132. Which of the following is true about branchial arch derivatives ?
a. Branchial sinus is most commonly derived from second arch
b. Branchial cyst is more common than branchial sinus
c. Surgical excision of branchial sinus is not always indicated
d. ?????????????

133.All of the following indicate Effective leprosy control programmes except ?
a. High new case detection rate
b. Increased children affected
c. Decreased disability
d. ????????????

134. Caustic poisons corrose mucosa because ?
a. It is hygroscopic
b. It has glue like action
c. It is programmed to stick
d. It has high affinity for mucosa

135. All of the following are true about growth charts except ?
a. Tool for educating mothers
b. Position of dots more important than direction
c. Area between top 2 lines shows ROAD TO HEALTH
d. Lower most line shows children below third percentile

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