Sunday, April 26, 2009

222 - AIIMS MAY 2001 mcqs with answers - part 4

16) In malignant hypertension, hyperplastic
arteriosclerosis is seen in all except

a) Peripancreatic fat
b) Kidney
c) Heart
d) Periadrenal fat

17) In a chronic smoker, a highly malignant,
aggressive and metastatic lung carcinoma is

a) Squamous cell Carcinoma
b) Small cell Carcinoma
c) Adenocarcinoma
d) Large cell Carcinoma

18) All are true about Neisseria gonorrhea except

a) Gram positive cocci
b) causes stricture urethra
c) Involves seminal vesicles and spreads to epididymis
d) drug of choice is Ceftriaxone

19) A 30 year old male, Kallu, with a history of
sexual exposure comes with a painless indurated
ulcer over the penis with everted margins. The
diagnosis is

a) Syphilis
b) Chancroid
c) LGV
d) Granuloma inguinale

20) All are features of peripheral neuritis in a
patient with Hansens Disease except

a) Predominant sensory involvement
b) Decreased tendon reflexes
c) Mutilations
d) peripheral nerve thickening

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