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216 - UPSC 2007 medical entrance mcqs with answers part 26

126. Guidelines for handling of Biomedical Waste (Management and Handling) Rule, 1998 are laid down by

a. Ministry of Social-Welfare
b. Directorate of Medical Education and Research 
c. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
d. Ministry of Environment and Forests

127. Which one of the following is not a target disease under 'Vision 2020 : The Right to Sight'?

(a) Refractive error
(b) Trachoma
(c) Corneal blindness
(d) Diabetic retinopathy

The target area diseases for VISION 2020 are :

1. cataract
2. trachoma
3. onchoceriasis
4. childhood blindness
5. refractive error
6. low vision
7. glaucoma
8. diabetic retinopathy
9. age related macular degeneration

For complete information on VISION 2020 visit this web page .

128. What is Berkesonian bias?

(a) Mis-classification bias
(b) Recall bias
(c) Selection bias
(d) Non-response bias

Potential problem in hospital-based studies when comparing the frequency of two conditions that require or lead to hospitalization (e.g. tuberculosis and lung cancer), due to the fact that persons with both conditions are more likely to be hospitalized than those with only one.

129. The WHO definition for blindness is the inability of counting fingers in daylight at a minimum distance of

(a) 3 feet
(b) 6 feet
(c) 3 metres
(d) 6 metres

130. Which one of the following is the category 1 of biomedical waste in India?

(a) Human anatomical waste
(b) Microbiological and biotechnological waste
(c) Discarded medicines and cytotoxic drugs
(d) Animal waste


Category No. 1 Human Anatomical Waste
Category No. 2 Animal Waste
Category No. 3 Microbiology & Biotechnology Waste
Category No. 4 Waste sharps
Category No. 5 Discarded Medicines and Cytotoxic drugs
Category No. 6 Soiled Waste
Category No. 7 Solid Waste
Category No. 8 Liquid Waste
Category No. 9 Incineration Ash
Category No. 10 Chemical Waste


Category No.1 Incineration /deep burial

Category No.2 Incineration /deep burial

Category No.3 Autoclaving/microwaving/incineration

Category No.4 Disinfection(chemical treatment)/autoclaving/ microwavingandmutilation/shredding

Category No.5 Incineration/destruction/ and drugs disposal in secured landfills

Category No. 6 Incineration/autoclaving/microwaving

Category No.7 Disinfection by chemical treatment/autoclaving/ microwaving and mutilation/ shredding

Category No.8 Disinfection by chemical treatment ; discharge into drains

Category No.9 Disposal in municipal land fill

Category No.10 Chemical treatment and discharge into drains for liquids and secured landfill for solids.

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