Sunday, April 26, 2009

220 - AIIMS MAY 2001 mcqs with answers - part 2

6)An HIV positive female has an indurated ulcer
over the tongue. Laboratory findings show growth
in corn meal agar at 20 Degrees, microscopy
showing hyphae and growth in human serum at 37
degrees show budding yeasts. The probable cause
is :

a)Candida albicans
d) Coccidiodomycosis

7) Kallu, a 30 year old man, presented with
subcutaneous itchy nodules over the left iliac
crest. On examination, they are firm, non tender
and mobile .Skin snips contain microfilaria and
adult worms of

a) Loa Loa
b) Onchocerca volvulus
c) Brugia malayi
d) Mansonella perstans

8)In an ICU patient on invasive monitoring, all
are causes of bacterial sepsis except

a)Orotracheal intubation
b)Intra arterial line
c)Humidified air
d)Central venous catheter

9) In Polycythemia vera, all the following are seen

a) thrombocytopenia
b) increased GI bleed
c) thrombosis
d) Transient visual loss

10) A stem cell disorder affecting all the 3 cell
lines - platelets, RBC’s and leucocytes is

a) Hemolytic anemia
b) Paroxysmal cold
c) PNH
d) Blackfan Diamond syndrome

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