Sunday, April 26, 2009

223 - AIIMS MAY 2001 mcqs with answers - part 5

21) A 32 year old male, Kallu, who recently
visited a sea coast presented with an ulcer over the
left leg. The probable cause is

a) Pasturella multocida
b) Micrococcus halophilus
c) Vibrio vulnificus
d) onchocerca volvulus

22) An 8 year old boy, Kallu, is brought to the
casualty with a history of consuming something
while playing outside in a play ground. On
examination, there was altered sensorium,
hyperpyrexia, dilated pupils. Most probable cause is

a) Dhatura poisoning
b) Organophosphorus poisoning
c) Parthenium poisoning
d) Barbiturate poisoning

23) All the following viruses cause stomach and
colon cancer except

a) H pylori
b) EB virus
c) HBV
d) HIV

24) Which of the following is pathognomonic of
renal disease

a) Hyaline casts
b) coarse granular casts
c) cystine oxalate crystals
d) epithelial cells

25) Hypoglycemia is seen in

a) Acromegaly
b) Cushings syndrome
c) Hypothyroidism
d) Hypopitutarism

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