Saturday, April 25, 2009

219 - AIIMS MAY 2001 mcqs with answers - part 1

1) A 65 year old female Kamala gives the
history of severe unilateral headache on the
right side and complains of blindness since 2
days .On examination there is a thick cord like
structure on the lateral side of the head. The
ESR is 80 mm/Hr in the first hour. The most
likely diagnosis is :

a) Temporal arteritis
b) Migraine
c) cluster headache
d) sinusitis

2) A 60 year old man complaining of chest pain
since 6 hrs is diagnosed as acute MI .
Angiography showed the involvement of
anterior descending branch of left coronary
artery The most probable site of involvement
is :

a) Anterolateral
b) Posterior
c) Inferior
d) Septal

3) Pulmonary Kerley B lines are seen in all the
following except

a) Pulmonary edema
b) Mitral valve disease
c)Interstitial fibrosis
d) Broncho-alveolar Ca

   Click here for a complete article on Kerley A,B,C lines . 

4) Infective endocarditis is least likely to occur in

a) ASD
b) Small VSD
c) MVP
d) TOF

5) In a patient with chronic AF with a regular beat
of 60/min, the most probable cause is

a) sleep
b) digitalis toxicity
c) Sino nodal block
d) Hypothyroidism

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