Sunday, April 5, 2009

211 - UPSC 2007 medical entrance mcqs with answers part 21

101. Which of the following is a potent stimulus for the production of erythro-poietin ?

A. Alpha interferon
B. Interkeukin-3
C. Hypoxia
D Hypercarbia

102. Among the following one is not a good dietary source of iron ?

A . Liver
B. Jaggery
C. Fish
D. Milk

103. A man who had under gone total mastectomy remains well for five year then he develops anemia. What is the most likely cause of this anemia?

A. protein deficiency
B. Zinc deficiency
C. Folic acid deficiency
D. Vitamin B 12 deficiency

104q: Loeffler s syndrome is characterized by

A. Transient migratory pulmonary infiltration
B. Fibrosis in the pulmonary apices
C. Fibrosis in the base of one or both lungs
D. Miliary mottling

105q: The level of which on of the flowing hormones is likely to increase after hypothalamic ablation ?

A. Growth hormone
B. Prolactin

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