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217 - UPSC 2007 medical entrance mcqs with answers part 27

131q. What is the average number of fleas of each species per rodent called?

(a) General Flea Index
(b) Specific Flea Index
(c) Incidence of Flea Species
(d) Flea Infestation Rate

132. Which one of the following is not a viral haemorrhagic fever?

(a) Yellow fever
(b) Rocky Mountain spotted fever
(c) Kyasanur Forest disease
(d) Dengue fever

133. What is the method of sampling in which the units are picked up at regular intervals from the universe?

(a) Simple random sampling
(b) Systematic random sampling
(c) Stratified random sampling
(d) Snow- ball sampling

134. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the Lists

List-I List-II

(State) (Retinol as vitamin)

A. Pregnancy 1. 600 mcg
B. Lactation 2. 950 mcg
C. Infant 3. 350 mcg
D. Children (1-6 years ) 4. 400 mcg 

(a) A B C D
1 3 2 4

b) A B C D
4 2 3 1

(c) A B C D
4 3 2 1

d) A B C D
1 2 3 4

The values given in the question are not the exact values but in the question , (d) is the best answer to pick . The exact values about the dietary requirements of all vitamins in all kinds of individuals are given in a beautiful table in chapter 70 – table 70.1 of Harrison’s internal medicine 17th edition . please go through that table for more information .

135. Which one of the following will be affected by inter-observer variation ?

a) Sensitivity
b) Predictive value of the positive test
c) Specificity
(d) Reliability

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