Saturday, May 16, 2009

258 - AIIMS MAY 2009 mcqs with answers part 32

156q: regarding ACE inhibitors which of the following is true ?

1. inhibits conversion of angiotensinogen to angiotensin 1
2. t ½ of enalapril is more than lisinopril
3. ommiting the diuretic dose helps in reducing first dose hypotension
4. it is effective only with left ventricular systolic dysfunction

157q: drug of choice in bacterial vaginosis ?

a. metronidazole
b. doxycycline
c. tetracycline
d. pencillin

158q: Ig A and neutrophils in papillary tips are found in ?

a. dermatitis herpetiformis
b. pemphigoid
c. pemphigus vulgaris
d. linear Ig A Ds

159q: Ig G deposits in dermis are seen in ?

a. bullous pemphigoid
b. pemphigus vulgaris
c. dermatitis herpetiformis
d. none

160q: emergency acetabular fixation is done in all except ?

a. open fractures
b. recurrent dislocation despite reduction traction
c. ??????????
d. ??????????

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