Tuesday, May 12, 2009

241 - AIIMS MAY 2009 mcqs with answers part 15

71q: subcortical dementia occurs in all except ?

a. alzheimer's disease
b. supranuclear palsy
c. parkinson's disease
d. supratentorial tumors

72q: annexin v is involved in ?

a. necrosis
b. apoptosis
c. malignancy
d. none

73q: all of the following are side effects of amiodarone except ?

a. corneal deposits
b. pulmonary fibrosis
c. cirrhosis
d. productive cough

74q: 1.Digitalis Toxicity seen in a/e

a. Hyperkalemia
b. Hypomagnesemia
c. Hypercalcemia
d. Renal Failure

75q: Neurofibromatosis all are true except

a. Autosomal Recessive
b. Scoliosis
c. Neurofibroma
d. Pheochromocytomas association

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