Tuesday, May 12, 2009

252 - AIIMS MAY 2009 mcqs with answers part 26

126q: A 70 Year old man on return from other country presents with pain abdomen and jaudice. USG shows a worm in the common bile duct. what could be the cause ?

1. fasciola buski
2. clonorchis sinensis
3. strongyliodes
4. ankylostoma

127q: true statement about clomiphene citrate is ?

a. twin pregnancy is seen in 5-6% of pregnancies
b. 3 fold increase in pregnancy compared 2 placebo
c. clomiphene acts an antiestrogen
d. none

128q: intercellular deposits of IgG in epithelium are seen in ?

a. pemphigus
b. psoriasis
c. pemphigoid
d. SLE

129q: IgA deposits in dermis are seen in ?

a. dermetitis herpetiformis
b. pemphigoid
c. pemphigus
d. psoriasis

130q: thalidomide is used in all except ?

a. HIV associated neuropathy
b. HIV associated oral ulcers
c. ENL
d. none

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